Unedited poems

I know you’re comfortable in pain

Scared of the sunshine because you believe you belong under clouds of sadness and fears

I want to tell you, there’s beauty in the struggle, but we need peace

The stories that broke your heart, need a different ending

Whatever you are feeling is valid

You’re allowed to heal

You’re allowed to glow from joy

Vulnerability might attract everything you’ve been protecting yourself from

A soft soul attracts people that know you by spirit

You need other beings that will show you where to walk and help you mend your wounds

We are just like you

We just need you to be more like you


You are a perfectly calculated miracle.

Re-visiting blogs. Re-posting one of my favourites. Enjoy!


You are worthy because you exist. You are a perfectly calculated miracle.


I had a conversation with my best friend Faviola the other day. We were having one of our in-depth discussions about the universe and our future. While we were talking, she asked me “how do I understand what the poems mean? Sometimes I try hard, and I don’t get the meaning of them.”

That is a terrific question, and that is something a lot of people wonder. The thing about poetry is that you do not need to understand what the poet was trying to say, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what you see and understand when you read it. Poetry is supposed to make you discover something within yourself. Nothing else.

I am very open when it comes to people’s perspectives on my quotes and poems. I even do my best to keep the poems gender neutral; that way, all you have to do is read them and connect.

A while ago, I posted the quote “You are a perfectly calculated miracle” I did not have anything specific in mind when I wrote it, but shortly after when a friend from work told me she was pregnant, the first thing I thought was ” aww, that child is a perfectly calculated miracle.”

When I posted the quote, I did not expect to get a negative comment on it, but it received one. My comment section went down like this:


You are a perfectly calculated miracle.



Person: Actually, I was the product of negligence and unprotected sex
Me: You can be both
Person: Not when there’s no such thing as a miracle
Me: To each their narrative.
Person: To each their blatant ignorance.

I stopped responding after that. There is no point. It stayed on my mind though. Until this day, it stays on my mind. I am bothered that anyone wouldn’t see this quote as a better narrative than ” I was the product of negligence…”

I looked up the facts and there are 20 million to 100 million spermatozoids released when a man ejaculates.. and then one of them makes it to the egg… then if all is well the woman becomes pregnant, then around ten months later, a child is born. Without going into the details of what could have happened during or after birth, let’s think of all these odds… You are here after all this. How is that not a calculated miracle? It might have been unplanned, but there is no mistake. Before you took your first breath, you were fighting for your life. You wanted to be here.

That is not a coincidence, and no one can convince me otherwise.

We all have moments where we wonder what our purpose on earth is, times when we feel lost and unwanted. I hear you, and I have been there.

I want you to know that regardless of all the ups and down, you are wanted, you are needed, you are worthy of life, and you are worthy of love.

You did not make it all the way here for nothing. If you are still wondering what your purpose is, let me give you one hint… it all starts by understanding that you fought for your life and you won. It’s yours. Why not make it a beautiful one?




Next season

“Tell the Wolves I’ll send out to get them
All ruthless beasts are needed for motivation.”

When I wrote that quote I was making a reference to my next step, my next move. I knew I would need another level of motivation to follow through with my goals and plans. The clearer my purpose became, the stronger my motivation was. It felt as if writing my book was a need for me and for whoever will connect to it once they read it. Getting more information and certified as a coach made sense, it allowed me to structure my coaching sessions differently, which benefits me and my clients.

Learning about myself was key. Emotional regulation helps me all the time, but in times like now, it is a life saver.

This 6-month chapter closes. Class is officially done, no more late nights and early mornings. My son is almost done with the school year as well, so no more drives to the tutor, my weeks were going by very fast and now it feels back to normal but it goes by very slow.

Things are right on schedule. My next step is to go back to my writing and the book, so here I am.

Someone asked me if I was excited about the book, and I did not feel excitement at the time. My emotions about my projects move in waves. Now I am in a different mode. I want it to be done, and I want it to be done properly and beautifully.

I feel as if each “season” requires me to shed some of myself to allow me to move forward. Sometimes I let go of very good things to allow greater things into my life. Those waves of emotions I navigate through come with joy and pain.

I want to be open in my book, vulnerable and transparent. The process of healing can be challenging and heartbreaking, but it brought me so much. It made me curious and more courageous about taking chances on myself. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Talk to you all very soon.



Oh hello there, yes you, my faithful and new readers. I’ve been away for a few months and I feel like an explanation is required, so here goes…

The last months have been packed with greatness. I am quite happy to say that I was too busy handling my business to write on my blog.

My life coaching course started in January. It is 6 hours a week course, 3hrs twice a week, 9 PM to Midnight. That was my first adjustment to make. Being in class this late could have been mentally and physically challenging for me. Surprisingly I did not struggle too much. I was too excited 95% of the time to feel tired. I love, love, love my course! It feels like everything I have been learning on my own via experiences, books and research were all coming together.

I have always loved listening to people but I wanted to find a way to use that skill purposefully. I want to help people dissect their challenges and find clarity. My class gave me the structure and resources I needed. I am ready and excited to see where this will take me!

During the past few months, I put some extra focus on my needs and my immediate responsibilities. I had no time for extra shit.. not at all. Meaning. I said no to everything I did not feel like doing. I said no to conversations, outings, text messages… Name it, I said no. I only did what I truly wanted to do. I trained my clients, took kiddo to his tutor, saw my best friends when I could, spoke to my close people on the phone, went on dates went to the gym. I could go on and on. I put my needs first without any type of guilt. I knew I needed to care for myself with a lot of self-awareness and proactiveness to successfully complete my goals, so I did. I could not afford anything else.

Self-care kept me centred and at peace. Everything I did, I chose to do. The fun stuff and the less fun things included. Whatever I did I made sure it was always aligned with me.

Anyway, I am happy. Talk to you all soon.

Listen from your heart.

Becoming a great listener requires you to hear other people’s perspectives without an attachment to your views. Your main concern should be to understand and hear what is said and what is unsaid.

You’ll need to learn to navigate your conversations properly. Sometimes you’ll have an opening to share a similar experience, this way the person knows they are not alone. Other times, dare I say, most of the times, its best to simply connect with empathy and active listening. Use your past pain to connect and welcome their vulnerability without overshadowing the moment with your own words.

There’s are layers to this. This is just a reminder that a lot of times we think we are listening, but we are just waiting to express our thoughts.

Pause. Empty your mind. Just connect and genuinely attempt to learn more about somebody else. Do it without an agenda, do it because it’s a great gift to anyone.

Everyone yearns to be heard.

I’m a mess. pt. 3

I live a life I can write about

I have moments when I do a million things, I have moments when I barely get out of bed. I don’t feel bad about being highly unproductive anymore, I’ve learned that I move that way. I have different seasons.

The next 6 months are about to be extra busy for me, my mind and body knows.

I wanted to share that this idea that we have to grind until we die is NOT applicable to everyone.

It’s okay to respect your energy. Arrange your life to fit your personality. I have multiple ways to stay accountable and it helps me. Do you. You’re not everybody, you’re you.

You don’t need fixing, you need self awareness. Learn about yourself and navigate your persona effectively.

Shit gets done regardless.

A beautiful mess. pt.2

I’m a mess
Passive and unproductive
Slow to change, slow to choose
I’m lethargic and artistically depressive
But when I look back, I moved 
I stepped out of myself and touched the clouds


I’ve had many conversations in my life, people opening up to me is always interesting. The way people think and feel is never the same but always connected. Regardless of my vision of life, I can always find a common ground of understanding. Empathy is a trait we should all strive to acquire.

Pain needs to be shared and voiced, joy as well and everything in between. One thing I think is also important is self-reflection, what are we usually sharing when we open up to people. What do you speak of the most?

I told a friend of mine that she speaks of her struggles and pain more than anything in her life. Even things that happened 20 years ago. Why is that? Why do we do this?

I had a toxic friendship that ended years ago, and regardless of me forgiving the person I do find myself bringing up the drama when this person’s name comes up, does this mean I did not forgive her? Am I holding on to the victimhood connected to that relationship? Questions.. Questions…

January 1st is such a big deal, new goals, new chances, new me, all that good stuff. I will say this, my goals have been the same for many years now, I am getting closer to them and backtracked on many of them. My highest concern is accepting who I am and forgiving myself fully. I made some choices when there were a million red flags telling me the obvious. I allowed some people in my energy that did not deserve my light. I wrong some people and did not ask them to forgive me but my actions were impacted in the future. I do strive to be a better me, I promise this to myself every day.

Again I ask when you look at your conversations,  the moments when you feel you’re in a safe place. What do you speak of the most? When you’re talking to yourself…what do you say?

Update on my book:  My book is technically done, but I have to re-read it and add or remove chapters if needed. I am getting stressed because it’s so very personal. Part of me feels I will disappoint some people, that I will be judged and even hated. But I am convinced that it’s okay to bare it all, someone will read it, connect and maybe feel free to forgive parts of their lives they felt ashamed of.

I divorced my fears and embraced love
I live a life I can write about
And I am proud of it without a doubt